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Extraordinary experiences and consumer immersion

Aim: The overall purpose of the project is to increase the understanding of consumer immersion and extraordinary experiences connected to nature based tourism. A process model of the tourists’ extraordinary experiences will be developed. To be able to construct this model and evaluate consumer experiences the essence of the tourist experience has to be understood. The challenge is to identify stages of the experience process due to the fact that new experiences occur continuously during a tour and perceptions of the old ones may be modified. The process is cumulative and includes a number of experiences of various importance and strength for the consumer.

Relevance for the tourism industries: To attract tourists to the nature and to use a traditional packaging model including transportation, accommodation, dining, and activities is possible but one have to bear in mind that today it is about developing offerings or value propositions that creates “a total experience” for the customer. Mossberg (2015) shows that successful organizations go beyond packaging and co-produce attractive offerings to the tourists across industries. With an understanding of the consumer experience process during a package tour tourism firms can manage the delivery of services and put together optimal packages. Enterprises will be invited to research seminars during the project for co-learning, and to special seminars in the later part about findings.

Medverkande forskare: Professor Lena Mossberg and associate professor Frank Lindberg, HHB.

The project is financed by: Nord University (HHB), Norway. 

Time period: 2016-2019

Sidansvarig: Emma Fröjd|Sidan uppdaterades: 2017-12-12

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