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FID - an association of PhD students

Some of the members in the FID Board:
First row from left to right: Parviz Alizada (chair), Hanna Niklasson, Bianca Koroschetz, Savvas Papadopoulos
Second row from left to right: Sandra Samuelsson, Alexander Wong, Jimi Nilsson, Kamran Rashidi

What is FID?

FID is an association of PhD-students at the Department of Business Administration at "Handels" in Gothenburg. We aim at bridging the gap between people and institutions responsible for the doctoral program and you as the individual PhD student. This requires getting involved in a number of issues important to all of us which only can be solved in a joint effort. For example, we are working for a high quality doctoral program that provides us with a solid basis for our future careers.

Support the PhD students

We further want to help support a community among fellow students. New PhD-students often experience at least some confusion and frustration while learning to understand and feel at home in the new work environment. New challenges arise at different points in the program. Being a PhD-student at the Department involves taking a certain role and we also fill an important function in the work-place. As such we are invited to take part in the different bodies and groups that decide about the work and education.

FID represents the interests of PhD students

FID thus represents the interests of the PhD-students in FFK (The Board of Research) and IR (The Department council). We also collaborate with other similar associations at the Schools of Law, Economics, Economic History and the Department of Economic and Human Geography, through HHDR (Handelshögskolans Doktorandråd).

Social gatherings

The FID board also strives to be more than a formal part of the politics at the Department by organizing gatherings where you can meet fellow PhD-students to exchange knowledge and experiences. We find that other PhD-students are good company and support both in our successes and troubles going through the research process.

Distributes useful information to you

Finally, the board collects useful information that we distribute through this webpage and the e-mail list for PhD-students at the Department. We hope you find this helpful.

Want to be a part of FID?

You are welcome to take part in the work (and fun) and become active or just come to our get-togethers and enjoy! The board is compensated for the work that they do.

For more information about FID contact the Chair Parviz Alizada,  e-mail parviz.alizada@gu.se or phone 786 26 17.


Latest from FID

Newsletter December 2014

Here below we will upload short notes after each board meeting where FID has representatives.

Forsknings- och forskarutbildningsnämnden (FFN)
Research and Postgraduate Studies board

Meeting May 3, 2012 (in Swedish)

Institutionsråd (IR) (the former Institutionsstyrelse or IS)
Department council

Handelshögskolans doktorandråd (HHDR)
Student Board of the School of Economics and Law

Meeting 2012-03-05

Göteborgs universitets doktorandkommitté (GUDK)
University of Gothenburg Student Committee

Breakfast meeting 2012-03-07


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